The Game


Welcome to Misspent Youth: the dystopian sci-fi game that’s all about friendship, standing up for yourself, and changing the world....

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Preview just the first chapter or download a complete version of the game, a PDF of what we printed on paper.

Misspent Youth: Eyebleed Edition (PDF)

The Buzz

Misspent Youth is unlike any other RPG I’ve ever played[....] This is a game that lets us focus on the story, and makes it possible for old guys like me to imagine that we’re still young and fighting every day for something more important than a parking space.

— Wil Wheaton, host of Tabletop and awesome dude, among other things

[W]e have a few in our group that enjoy RPGs, and a few that merely put up with them since that’s what’s going on. [Misspent Youth] got even the latter category of player to invest his time and emotions into the game. Because of that, every player was firing on all cylinders, working hard to create an enjoyable and entertaining story.

— Greg Costikyan, game designer and science fiction writer


Here you’ll find the sheets for the game, including form-fillable versions. There are also scenarios to run at conventions if you’d like to download and use them.


Podcasts, reviews, and so on. If you’re unsure about trying out the game, you can read a review, read someone’s actual play, listen to me talk about it, or listen to an actual play podcast.


The paper version of Misspent Youth and its supplement come with free screen-friendly PDFs.