Misspent Youth


Welcome to Misspent Youth: the dystopian sci-fi game that’s all about friendship, standing up for yourself, and changing the world.

I am out of paper books, but I got PDFs. We have Kickstarted a print run of Misspent Youth, as well as a new supplement, Sell Out with Me. This was necessitated thanks to the wonderful news that Wil Wheaton’s TableTop show on YouTube is going to be playing the game in Season 4, and my subsequently selling through all copies of stock. Once I receive copies from the publisher, I will reopen orders on my site.



One of you is The Authority: the person, thing, idea, etc., that’s turning life in the future into a big shit sandwich which everyone is legally compelled to chow down on. The rest of are Youthful Offenders (YOs), teenagers who’ve had enough. You and the other YOs in your clique are the only ones who’re going to get off their asses to do anything about the world burning down around them.

Other cool shit about the game:

  • You create the villain and the dystopia together, so it’s easy to make your YO fit into the world.
  • You make your group first, then your YOs, and you do it together, so that the kids fit together, and everyone knows about everyone else.
  • You will always make stories with a beginning, middle, and end thanks to the game’s story structure.
  • The exciting and easy craps-like dice mechanic — the Struggle — eventually will make you choose between losing the day for your friends, or permanently selling out one of your idealistic convictions to win in the short term even as you bring endgame that much closer.

You want a sci-fi game? You want a game where friendship really matters? You want a game where you go around curbstomping riot-gear-suited drone-people?

This is the game for you.

About the actual-paper book:

  • 88 pages, b&w
  • Color, matte cover
  • Trade paperback comic-style size
    • 6.625 in x 10.25 in (17 cm x 26 cm)
    • Perfect-bound with the name of the game on the spine
  • Cool-as-fuck style

For the PDF:

  • 140 pages
  • Entire text re-laid-out from print (portrait) orientation to screen-friendly (landscape). Text boxes and fonts domesticated to be more easy to read, as well.
  • Fully hyperlinked: clickable cross-references, table of contents, and index
    Hyperlinked sheets: click on a rule on a sheet and you are brought to the page that rule is on
  • Art and background on separate layers for easy printing
  • Selectable and searchable text
  • Character and other sheets included
  • New art not found in the print edition
  • No watermarks

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PDF, Print (On Backorder), Print + PDF (On Backorder)


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