This is where I’ll talk about podcasts I’m on, reviews that are published, and so on. If you’re unsure about trying out the game, you can read a review, read someone’s actual play, listen to me talk about it, or even listen to people play the game in actual play podcasts. If you know of something that should be here, but isn’t, then let me know.

Podcast / vidcast appearances

Podcasts where the topic isĀ Misspent Youth

  • The Jank Cast is an amazing podcast out of Chicago. Each episode, they talk about some issue in gaming, and smartly. Which means I agree with them a lot. Also, they talk about my game a bunch. Rather than listing every episode that the game is mentioned on, here’s a search of their archives for “Misspent Youth
  • The Walking Eye’s episodes with the “Misspent Youth” tag


Interviews (non-podcast / vidcast)

  • I know there are some out there, and I’ll place them here soon

Actual Play

How do you want it?