Download the game

  • Misspent Youth: Eyebleed Edition (pdf). This is a complete version of the game, a PDF of what we printed on paper. This is not the easiest way to use this book. If you run the game from this PDF, I recommend that you blow up the text to at least 100%. By the way, I’ve released this on torrent networks; you can feel free to do so as well.
  • Preview the first chapter of the screen-friendly, searchable, tagged, hyperlinked, bookmarked, and indexed PDF version of the game.


  • The Case File, where you track what happens during a session (plain) (fillable)
  • The Dystopia Sheet, where you record the details of the horrible world you’ve made together (plain) (fillable)
  • Your Permanent Record, where you write stuff down about your Youthful Offender (plain) (fillable)
  • Your Gender-liberated Permanent Record, where some rascally YOs hacked the sheet to get rid of the gender binary (plain)
  • The Struggle Sheet, where you drop your chips and roll your dice
  • For online play, try out Slade Stolar‘s MYGoogle Drive Sheet.” It’s a spreadsheet that tracks YOs, clique information, has a Struggle sheet, Authority and Dystopia info, a “fancy” version of the sheet for players that looks more like the book’s Permanent Record, and a tab for notes. It’s great work, and I really appreciate his efforts. Just make a copy in your own Google Drive, and you’re ready to go.


These worlds can be played as-is, or you can change some Systems of Control, convictions, or whatever else you’d like to make them your own.

  • But First, We Save the Galaxy” – You used to be pretty bad people, but then the intragalactic, corporate “justice” system got its claws in you, wiped your mind, and did all kinds of experiments on you. But you broke out, stole an incredibly-powerful warship, and now you’re off to save the galaxy from a corporate civil war. And once all that’s through, it’s time to steal some great shit. Inspired by the Canadian sci-fi show Dark Matter.
  • Community Blowback” – So you got dinged by the cops for one thing or another and now you’re cooped up with a bunch of other misfits, forced to pay back society for your crimes. But then bam, some energy storm or some crap, and now you have powers! What now, Mr. Parole Officer? Inspired by the British TV show Misfits.
  • The Reaping” – Your city-state fought a rebellion against the Capital City, and lost. Every year, children are forced to murder each in a deadly arena to stay alive, and their parents are forced to watch. The Reaping is beginning, and you and your friends are destined to face the games. Can you survive without slaughtering your friends and other innocent kids? Inspired by The Hunger Games series by Suzanne Collins.